Authors (14)

Adrian Kydland Skaftun@adriankydlandskaftun

Cyber security engineer

Alexander Grimstad@alexandergrimstad

Principal Cloud Engineer

Marius Antonsen@mariusantonsen

Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo - Kubernetes fan and Open Source enthusiast

Bendik Aarvik@bendikaarvik

Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo

Alexander Solaat Rodland@alexanderrodland

Microsoft MVP and Principal Cloud Engineer

Dominique Cid-Strand@dominique

Agile Coach, Amesto Fortytwo

Hannelen Leirvåg@hannelen

Senior Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo

Jakob Digranes@jakobdigranes

Principal Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo

Marius Solbakken Mellum@mariussolbakkenmellum

Partner and Principal Cloud Engineer @ Amesto Fortytwo. Microsoft MVP and host of the CloudFirst Podcast, Identity specialist. Also part of the Bluescreen Brothers podcast.

Kjetil Stubbom Hansen@kjetilhansen

Senior Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo

Remi Vandemir@remivandemir

Partner and Director, Amesto Fortytwo

Peter Pran@peterpran

Director, Amesto Fortytwo

Roberth Strand@robstr

Self-proclaimed cloud automator and platform builder. Microsoft MVP, HashiCorp Ambassador, and very active Open Source enthusiast.

Tim Peter Edstrom@timpeteredstrom

Principal Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo

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