#Don’t call security – install them!

If your business does not have a serious security system that constantly monitors the whole system, you are really only waiting for uninvited guests. This is not scaremongering but a statistical observation.

In Norway, according to NHO, 20% of all businesses have experienced a cyber-attack. If you look at businesses with more than 50 employees, the percentage is a whopping 33% – one third! So, what can you really do to prevent being hacked? What would you give to know when it is your turn?

This is what I would like to address in the upcoming webinar TechTalk on June 3rd at 09:00 CET, together with Kent Husvik from our partner Microsoft. We will talk about cyber-attacks, hackers, and security threats in the Norwegian market.

Numbers from Microsoft indicate a 300% increase in registered ransomware attacks, causing untold damages, financial loss and frustration, even to small and medium sized businesses. 60% cannot do business after being cyber attacked, and the costs often surpass one million NOKs. However, early detection can reveal security breaches and prevent the whole business from going down.

The webinar will deal with general threats and security measures, and also delve into some more specific ways that security solutions work towards hackers and cyber-attacks. We will also talk about best practice when implementing a security system, what to consider and perhaps what not to do. How should you partner with a supplier, and divvy up responsibility?

Microsoft offer cutting edge security through their acclaimed Sentinel solution, which handles events, logs, and alarms in an IT environment.

Managed Detection and Response is a service from Amesto Fortytwo that adds pre-configured rules that tap into the events and logs from Sentinel. This high-level security monitoring makes early breach detection possible. Preventing an attack thanks to early detection of suspicious activities suddenly becomes a viable option. If a security solution can keep your business productive, it is a critical investment.

The TechTalk webinar is free, of course, and you should really consider joining. Better safe than sorry, always! Hope to see you there on June 3rd!

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Written by

Marius Solbakken Mellum@mariussolbakkenmellum

Partner and Principal Cloud Engineer @ Amesto Fortytwo. Microsoft MVP and host of the CloudFirst Podcast, Identity specialist. Also part of the Bluescreen Brothers podcast.

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