#The Benefits of an Interactive KQL Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet can be a useful tool for individuals who are looking to quickly access key information in a well-organized format. However, traditional cheatsheets can often lack the depth of information necessary to fully understand a subject. This can lead to frustration and decreased efficiency, negating the benefits of having a cheatsheet in the first place.

To address these issues, I have created an interactive KQL cheatsheet that not only provides a well-organized and compressed summary of key information, but also goes beyond what is typically expected from a cheatsheet by filling in the missing gaps. The cheatsheet serves as a step-by-step guide to understanding KQL code, providing contextual information that pops up as you hover over different parts of the query. Additionally, the cheatsheet includes a search function based on tags added to the code, making it even more user-friendly.

PS! This is an early release, expect it to grow in near future!

Try out the Cheatsheet here: https://kqlcheat.byfortytwo.com/

#Do you want to contribute?

We welcome contributions to our public repository on GitHub, located at https://github.com/amestofortytwo/InteractiveKQLCheatsheet

To contribute, simply follow the simple instructions provided on the repo.

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Written by

Adrian Kydland Skaftun@adriankydlandskaftun

Cyber security engineer

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