#Live Event - Introduction to GitOps

Operations through Git is not new, but now we have the technology to realize what we always wanted. The GitOps pattern has matured over the years, from the initial definition to the major adoption by the community, and with the arrival of Kubernetes and the controller/operator pattern has made it possible to adopt GitOps in practice.

In this inaugural meetup event, we want to share our thoughts on the concept of GitOps, why we need it and how it can be implemented. It is based on the principles defined by the OpenGitOps project and is a vendor and platform neutral look at the operational model.

#Amesto Fortytwo presents

We believe that knowledge should be shared, which is why we will be hosting webinars on topics that excite us. This can be technical topics, discussions about work culture, and everything in between.

#Sign up here

Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/amesto-fortytwo/events/290687316/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0FcQVowZe0

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:7018209873809051648/


#Roberth Strand

Roberth works as a Principal Cloud Engineer at Amesto Fortytwo, primarily focusing on platform engineering and cloud native development. He is the product owner of our managed Kubernetes service, and the primary contributor on our internal platform tools.

He does a lot of community work, which resulted in him becoming a Microsoft MVP for Azure and HashiCorp Ambassador. Furthermore, he also works in the CNCF, where he is co-chair of the Platforms Working Group and one of the maintainers on the OpenGitOps project.

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Written by

Roberth Strand@robstr

Self-proclaimed cloud automator and platform builder. Microsoft MVP, HashiCorp Ambassador, and very active Open Source enthusiast.

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