#Our Collaborative Approach

Cloud technologies have been facilitating the rapid pace of development for new functionalities and services for close to 20 years, and companies have been taking full advantage of this to take their business to the next level.

This journey to so-called “cloud freedom” is not an easy one and often, companies employ the expertise of consulting and managed services experts to get them there – and this is often done in one of two ways:

  • A project team that comes in and out, or
  • Individual consultants that work on-premises

At Amesto Fortytwo, we are doing neither…

#The Team

At our core, we believe that delivering as a comprehensive team is the best approach for both our partners and customers. It enables us to actively and quickly tap into our collective expertise to solve any technical challenge, helping our customers find smart solutions to their problems in an efficient way. Our team approach also ensures that we never compromise on quality.

When working with Amesto Fortytwo, you are guaranteed an autonomous team of 4-6 highly experienced and competent, cross-functional cloud consultants, who are trained to work together as a team to manage several customer engagements simultaneously. They are led by a Team Lead to facilitate the workloads and are permanently supported by an internal Enablement team and an Agile Coach. This setup enables the team to deliver on time and with greater quality than the standard consultant setup, and with less risk for interruption due to illness or other unforeseen events.

#The Approach

We employ well-known agile methodologies in our deliveries but prescribe to the idea that one size does NOT fit all, and neither can you fit a round peg into a square hole. Put simply, we don’t force our customer deliveries to fit a specific methodology. We first understand the requirements and then determine the best way forward. This can mean sticking to how we already do things or adopting to our customers’ own practices, if needed. In some cases, we even support our customers in adapting an agile way of working that is suitable for their business.

Working Agile enables us to meet customer expectations quickly by delivering parts of a whole through iterations of 1-3 weeks. It also facilitates continuous improvement of our deliveries and processes through timely customer reviews and retrospectives. Actively managing a backlog also ensures that we have a constant flow of planned deliveries, while still making room for abrupt changes in your requirements. The Agile way of working keeps us focused on what matters most – delivering the highest value to our customers.

#The Tools

Following this vein, you as a customer will serve as the Delivery Owner, so we always prioritize what is most important to you. To facilitate this, we use well-known collaboration and delivery tools like Azure DevOps to manage your workloads and priorities – but always bearing in mind to keep things simple, avoiding heavy processes and ticket-based forms of cooperation.

Low threshold, accuracy and high quality and transparency. This is what we aim for.

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Written by

Dominique Cid-Strand@dominique

Agile Coach, Amesto Fortytwo

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