#This is why Azure landing zones is right for you

If you are running anything in Azure, you should consider looking into Azure landing zones. You might not even know it, but trust me, keep reading and I’ll explain why.

A part of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, Azure landing zones provides guidens of how organize your Azure environment and build Azure for scalability, security and governance.

Used together with the Enterprise Scale pattern, it helps you make good design decisions that are less likely to kick your butt down the line.

Each time you deploy a new storage account, key vault or virtual machine, you need to make some choices.

  • Which RG should I put it in?
  • Who needs access to this?
  • How long will this resource live?
  • What about encryption or public endpoints?

If what you just read really doesn’t say anything meaningful to you, have a look at the following questions:

  • Do you struggle to keep tabs on RBAC assignments and who has access to what?
  • Do you suspect you have orphaned resurces just creating cost while not beeing used?
  • Do you ask your team members at least once a week “what is this storage account doing here, does anybody know?”
  • Do you worry about virtual machines with port 3389 open to internet, or public IPs being used where they shouldnt?
  • Do you struggle with not having any diagnostic logs available when troubleshooting issues?

If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions, 42 isn’t the answer for you.

Azure landing zones is…

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Written by

Hannelen Leirvåg@hannelen

Senior Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo

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